What to Look For in a Live Casino Online

There are some very important aspects that you should look for in a live casino online. First of all, make sure you know the quality of the games and the realism of the dealer. You should also look for the speed and quality of the stream. This will help you be able to interact with the dealer, a very important feature of any live casino online. You should avoid playing games on a site with poor quality visuals, as they will limit your game play speed.


If you are looking for an authentic live casino online, you have come to the right place. Authentic Gaming is a provider of live dealer casino games and has been active for a few years now. They have a number of B2B operator partners, including Foxwoods Casino Resort and LeoVegas. They are on a mission to make the live casino industry as exciting as possible for players around the world.


One of the key advantages of playing live casino games is their realism. When you play live games with real dealers, you can see their reactions to the game and can gain an extra layer of trust in the games. Professional players have acquired emotional control and can use this in the live casino games. A live chat function is often included for players to interact with the dealers. These dealers are usually friendly and helpful, and the experience is a lot more realistic than playing the game with a computer.

Chat function

One of the most useful features of a live casino online is its chat function. During a live blackjack game, you and the dealer can chat while simultaneously participating in a game. In a live casino online, the dealer cannot see you but he can see and read what you have to say via the chat box. You can respond to his messages by replying to them or by imitating his conversations. Be sure to keep your conversation light and not delve into topics that could offend the dealer.

Bet levels

You might be wondering about the bet levels in live casino games. The amount of money that you can bet on a single round of Lightning Roulette or VIP Roulette varies from game to game. Lightning Roulette starts at PS1 and VIP Roulette bets start at PS5. The bet levels for each game vary, so check the rules for each game before you begin to play. The higher the bet level, the higher the stake.

Technology used to deliver a real-world gambling experience

Virtual reality, augmented reality, and holographic projection are all forms of technology used to deliver a realistic gambling experience. Virtual reality games are based on 3D virtual environments, which allow users to interact with virtual objects and enjoy realistic sound and touch accompaniments. Augmented reality games also allow players to interact with the virtual objects in real-world settings, such as shaking hands with the dealer, looking at a card, pressing a slot machine button, or ordering a drink.